Tuesday, September 16, 2014

StoreKeeper 1.0.0 Released

In the current world, lot of things are being sold and bought. The items sold are of various types; be it a consumer good, a service rendered to a client, the providers (sellers) need to keep track of details of their accounting. They, most often also need to provide a bill to the customer. Traditionally, this was a manual process. The provider writes a manual bill and write down the total price with all the items sold with details of quantity, unit price, name etc. In the end of the day he'll calculate his revenue. And also he keeps an eye on the available items to get more items to sell when the items run out of the stock.

What if there is a multipurpose point of sale software, which could do all of the above things in a snap of a time? In the modern world, time is valuable and efficiency in trading to serve more customers is vital for a successful business. Point of sale software are just created for that.

StoreKeeper is a software tool which you can use at the point of sale to add things to transactions and in the end print a bill on a printer (usually using a dot matrix printer). StoreKeeper just makes this process extremely streamlined and is very easy to use. It's a light weight, portable software, which needs a bare minimum of system requirements.

Currently following features are supported.

  • Add an item
  • Update an item
  • Query an item or all items to view
  • Add users
  • Update a user
  • Query users
  • Add items to transaction
  • Delete item from transaction
  • Cancel the transaction
  • End a transaction
  • Print a bill (with a configured printer) together with a pdf copy in the computer
  • Get the total sales on a day

Features to be added in the future

  • Query current days transactions
  • Query current days transaction on a given item/service
  • View the history of an item sale
  • View the history of total sales
  • Notification of different events via email
  • Graphs to view the stats
  • Different access to different users with different credentials

Following is a screenshot of the StoreKeeper taken from a Linux desktop. It's currently tested to be working in both Windows and Linux.

To give you a small technical idea of StoreKeeper, it's a classic client server application. The server serves request from a Graphical front end GUI client. This means, the StoreKeeper would support multiple clients to use the Software at the same time (This scenario is not yet completely tested).

Following is a sample bill (Sorry for hiding few information) printed using a dot matrix printer.

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