Thursday, March 20, 2014

Downloading and running WSO2 API Manager

WSO2 API Manager is fully open source product which allows you to create, publish and manage many aspects of APIs such as life cycle management, versioning, monetization, governance, security etc. A business has high potential for growth in using WSO2 API Manager as it allows managing APIs in a SOA environment in a decentralized manner.

Let's start getting an insight about API Manager by downloading and running it in our local machine

Download the latest WSO2 API Manager from

Extract the WSO2 API Manager into a directory. I'll refer to this directory as APIM_HOME. Navigate in to bin directory and run the WSO2 API Manager as follows.
$ ./                       in Linux
$ ./wso2server.bat                 in Windows
You would see some content in the console and finally the Managemwnt console url, API publisher URL and the API store URL.

Open up your favorite browser and open the Management console URL. 9443 is the default port, unless you have changed the offset.


Note : If you are running more than one WSO2 product at a time, make sure you increment the <Offset> in PRODUCT_HOME/repository/conf/carbon.xml to avoid conflicting ports.

You may be prompted for a security exception in the browser. Add the security exception. You would then be re-directed, after login with default user name (admin) and password (admin) to the API Management console as shown in the following. This is the administrative console use to manage aspects of the API.

API Manager Management Console

WSO2 API Manager also provides two more views, namely, API Publisher and API Store. API Publisher is the place where an API developer would create an API. He/She can also manage the life-cycle of the API in the publisher. API Store is the place where a typical API user would see, available APIs from publisher. He/She can subscribe to APIs and start using it for their own applications. Following two images are the windows of the API publisher and API store respectively in the API Manager 1.6.0.

WSO2 API Manager Publisher
WSO2 API Manager Store

This is just a startup guide for WSO2 API Manager. I recommend you to play with this product and also to refer to the online documentation for further details.


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