Monday, December 16, 2013

Downloading and running WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

WSO2 ESB is a fast and light Enterprise Service Bus. An ESB is a software component (a middle-ware application) that handles communication among various components that needs to transfer message to some other component and get their work done. Instead each component communicating with others directly, every component talks to ESB. ESB would then transfer messages to said formats and route it and get the work done.

WSO2 ESB is built on top of Apache Synapse and has rich features to exploit. In this guide let's start of with downloading and running the WSO2 ESB.

Download the latest WSO2 ESB from

Extract the WSO2 ESB into a directory. I'll refer to this directory as ESB_HOME. Navigate in to bin directory and run the WSO2 ESB as follows.
$ ./                         in Linux  or
> wso2server.bat                          in Windows
You would see some content in the console and finally the Management console URL.
Open up your favorite browser and point to the link.


Note : You can only run one WSO2 product in it's default settings. If you are running more than one product at a time, make sure you increment the <Offset> in ESB_HOME/repository/conf/carbon.xml

You may be prompted for a security exception in the browser. Add the security exception. You would then be re-directed to the ESB Management console as shown in the following after login in with default user name and password, which is 'admin'.

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