Saturday, October 19, 2013

Downloading and running WSO2 Governance Registry

WSO2 Governance registry is fully open source, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) integrated registry for storing and managing artifact metadata.

In this short guide, I'll walk you through the process of how to download the WSO2 Governance Registry and start it in your machine and accessing it with its in-built web based management console (A Web User Interface (UI)), for managing the metadata.

The process is just simple. Download the latest release binary zip file from

Once you download the zipped archive, extract it to a directory of your liking. Let's assume the extracted directory be $(HOME_DIRECTORY)/wso2greg-4.5.3/ and let me call this directory $(GREG_HOME). You must have Java installed and JAVA_HOME set to successfully start the product. See my previous post "Installing Developer Tools in Linux" to see how to install and configure java in Linux.

Navigate to $(GREG_HOME)/bin and execute the following to run the WSO2 Governance Registry.
 $ ./                                (In Linux)
 > wso2server.bat                                 (In Windows)
This will start the WSO2 Governance regiatry with all the default configurations, and you should see an output in console. In the end of the output you should see an output like the following.
Mgt Console URL  :
Copy and paste the above URL in your favorite browser. You should see the WSO2 Governance Registry management console login screen. You can use the default Admin user credentials of which username and password being 'admin' to access the registry. Once you access you are ready to store and manage different artifacts in WSO2 Governance Registry. Following is a typical screen shot of the first page that you would see when you logged in.

Good Luck in using the product.

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